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5 Most Important Rights

A person cannot be faced with cruel and unusual punishment for any act of crime. Also, a person cannot be charged with excessive bail.This right against cruel and unusual punishment is held within the top five most important rights. Our society today is seen as humane and civilized, and making a person face cruel punishment goes against that belief in society. Also, our societies system has been known for the equality it gives to every person and if one person were to receive excessive bail while another did not, it would completely destroy this known philosophy in our lives.One thing that comes to mind when I think of cruel and unusual punishment is capital punishment. To keep things humane in this society, the government makes sure that the death of a person is not painful at all. For years the electric chair was the way most people were killed, and everyone thought that a death in the electric chair was completely painless until one person actually survived it. With the description of the feelings of pain that the electric chair brought on, it was seen as completely inhumane. This has happened with other forms of execution as well.I feel that with the possibility of society being inhumane obliviously, it makes the right of no cruel and unusual punishment a little unstable. If society is wrong in a case of capital punishment, what is stopping them from doing wrong somewhere else as well? It just puts some extra fear into the trust that people have in society, including me. I know that mistakes are made, but going against a personal right has to have some consequences in the future.

On a person’s own property, they are allowed to have with them any firearms. This is used to ensure security within a person’s own home.When one realizes that the right to bare arms has to do with maximizing security within each person’s home, it makes sense that it is in the top five most important rights. No one can be completely certain that he or she is safe and secure all of the time, and this right makes it possible to add one more precaution to protecting one’s home and oneself while not having to be concerned about the effectiveness of the state’s protection.People are all allowed to have these firearms in society and that is normally not tried against in society. The problem is when people begin to use the firearms that they are allowed to carry. If someone breaks in and you use a firearm against this person, you are faced with court where you have to plead self-defense. Of course it was self-defense, but because a firearm was used, even in one’s own home, a person has to be put through court without warning. That makes people think twice about actually using the form of security that they leaned on for protection.I am all about security because one can never really know if there is maximum security in one’s own home. When I am home I feel safe because nothing horrible has ever happened to me, but I would like to think that if I were ever thrown into a situation like that, I would be able to protect myself. Security is really important to me and I don’t want any question on whether to protect myself with what I have or not.

A person is able to public talk about any issue freely, as if there were no subject that were to be considered a taboo topic.I consider this to be one of the top five most important rights because I feel as though I should always have an opportunity to talk about my opinion. I know that I am just one person, but the spoken word can be so powerful and leave such an impact on people that it is necessary for this right to be active. If what a person has to say can change something for the better, then obviously restricting this right would be outrageous.The thing about this right is that it is challenged in many ways in society. When a person is watching a certain television show or listening to the radio, one of the characters might say a curse word. This curse word is not heard though because the producers of this show or radio program have been told to bleep out these inappropriate words. Unfortunately doing a thing such as this is going against the freedom of speech. It is limiting the freedom that is stated in the first amendment, which does not allow a restriction like this in its original meaning.I know I’m not a person who is going to use inappropriate language on a television or radio program, but when I know that my freedom of speech could possibly be challenged, I feel as though it is worthless to even put up a fight. If words are taken out of my speech, then I would feel as though the impact I could have had would be completely gone.

People have the ability to gather together in a group, not being monitored by the government, to discuss any issue they wish.One of the top five most important rights is the freedom to assemble and talk about anything. One way people begin to make sense of a situation is to share their thoughts with each other and without this ability, some people could end up making bad decisions. Another reason this right is important is because it emphasizes limited government and how the government does not have to be involved in discussion of the people, while they converse about the issues of the day.People are said to have the freedom to assemble and discuss issues privately, without government interference. But limited government isn’t as limited as people are led to believe. The Patriot Act was issued after a horrible terrorist attack and it took off many restrictions that were put on the government. The freedom to assemble tries to give people reassurance that limited government does have some affect, even though this right is tested through acts that take off the restrictions that gave our society the privacy it deserves.

A person cannot be denied the ability to practice his or her own religion, no matter what religion it is.The freedom to practice one’s own religion is seen as one of the top five most important rights. Faith is one thing that all people have in common, even if they believe in different things. Mostly this right just brings out the idea of equality in America, and how people come to experience this freedom. Denying people the right to practice the beliefs of their religion would deny these people the opportunity of equality that they came here for.The freedom to practice religion seems pretty reasonable for our society which influences equality. Unfortunately not all religions can practice all of their beliefs here in America. When you consider the religions that have periodic sacrifices, society completely disapproves of something like this. These people cannot fully practice their religion because it may be against the law or what not and that is actually taking away the equal opportunity that we strive to emphasize here.I don’t go and sacrifice in my religion, personally, but knowing that part of my religion couldn’t be practice here makes the faith I have less reliable. We all live for the faith that all of us have and if this causes people to weaken their faiths, society could have a problem sooner or later.

No Cruel Punishment

Right to Bare Arms

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Religion

Freedom to Assemble



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