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Mrs. Riedel

I try to read everyday. My favorite time of day to read is ANY TIME! However, usually the only time I can read is right before I go to sleep.

I always read all of the Mark Twain books. I try to start reading them as soon as I get the list and books. That is usually in January. The deadline I set for myself is to have them read by the beginning of the school year. I like to be able to help kids find the right MT book for them. This year it will be really hard for me to pick a favorite!

My favorite books...I like to read fiction more than nonfiction. When I read nonfiction it is because I am looking for certain information or I need to learn more about something.

Genres-Being in a book club and having to read books that other people choose has definitely exposed me to books that I normally would not have picked myself. Because of that, I would say that I pretty much like all of the fiction genres. I think I read more realistic, mystery and fantasy than I do the others.

Do I Like to Read?Well, I do now. It is my favorite pass-time. But, when I was in elementary school, I did not. I had trouble finding books I liked. Teachers and librarians didn't promote books or help kids find books back then. Because of that, reading always felt like a lot of work not something fun to do.



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