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Its Global Effect

A 17-year-old Togolese boy trafficked to Nigeria when he was 15I'm an orphan. My mother died in 1988, and my father in 1994.I don't know how they died, or if they were sick.Togolese boys are particularly at risk say HRWBefore I left for Nigeria, I was living with my older brother and two younger brothers.I was not in school at the time I left. My big brother did not know I was going. If I'd asked his permission, he would have refused.When we got to the Benin border, there were many routes to take - we got off the truck and passed on foot through the bushes to avoid the police.We went one by one and had a meeting point on the other side.There was no food, and the truck was packed full. We spent three days on the road

This is one of many stories of human trafficking



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