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When a meteor hits the moon closer to the earth nothing will be the same in a small town in Pennsylvania. Worldwide floods, Volcanic eruptoins, and people all around the world dieing but that's just the beginning.

I give this book a three. I give it a three because it did keep me wanting to read but there were some parts that really did not make sense to me.

They will meet Miranda. Miranda is a girl who stand up for what she belives in. She speaks with authority she will act funny but she is very serious. From the way I see it is that people can think bad of her but most peolple think that she is a good person.

The lasting memory will be is that you really dont know somebody as good as you thought you did. This teaches that when something bad happens you have to work together.

The world is dying a slow death.The meteor banged and crashed as it hit the moon.Things were so bad that we felt like we would kick the bucket



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