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Movie Producer

Their main purpose is to deal with the business and practical side of the project, permitting the director and the rest of the crew to concentrate on their tasks. The film producer is required to manage the entire production work from the beginning to the end.

A film producer can expect an approximate salary starting from $55,000 to $75,000 depending on his or her experience.

A movie producer may work independently, seeking scripts, books, or plays, that are fit for film. They look for projects that could potentially be profitable in box-office and home-video sales. A producer may alternately be hired by a film studio.

Famous Producers:-Bruce Willis-Clint Eastwood-Will Smith-Steve Martin-Robert de Niro-Oprah Winfrey-Eddie Murphy

A degree is not required to learn movie production. There are many ways to gain practical experience. Get an internship. Do research to find which studios are hiring interns, and which ones will be most beneficial to your needs. You'll most likely start out as a "runner" or a "Gopher" This is someone who runs errands or goes for coffee, etc



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