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Suicide at South Glens Falls High school

Q: Suicide happens most where? A: in high schoolQ: Why does suicide occur more here than anywhere elts? A: bullyingQ: what is South Glens Falls High school doing to prevent bullying and suicide? A: nothing

On November 17, 2010 a boy named Daniel Thew from South High commited suicide. The news channel that covered his death was given an anonymous tip that he was a victim of bullying. He was only in the 8th grade and now he is gone forever

A fifteen year old girl named Kelsey Eckert died unexpectedly in her home. In November two students were killed in a car crash; Matthew Habshi and Briana Diorio. The next day Evan Yarter died. the death was not related with the car crash.

Daniel Thew from south high is the second suicide since march of this year.



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