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Feburary 1846 Today, I am sad because my family and I have to pack up and from my home town, Navuvoo. We can only bring the stuff that we really need. My mom was really sad because she had to leave my great great grandmothers clock behind. We brought some food with us, two calfs, blankets, lots of water, and books because on the way my mom still made us learn. We rode in a wagon with two oxens pulling the wagon. This is what our wagon looked like. We got in the wagon and left our home town. The wagon was so full with my family and our things we brought with us. Oh and if you were wondering my name is Josie. Feburary The Next DayMa said that the trip is going to go from Nauvoo, my home town all the way to Utah, where we will start our new life. We will be going through Illinois, then Iowa, then Nebraska, then Wyoming, and be living in Utah from now on. In Utah we will be living in Salt Lake City. I was thinking it would be the longest trip ever. March 5 1846 Fianlly, we are getting closer to reaching our new home in Utah. Today, I really happy because Elizabeth, my friend also traveld in the first group to move to Utah. So right now my family is taking a brake and having a picnic, ma thinks it will help us all relax. Elizabeth and her family are coming to have a picnic with us. After we all were done eating Elizabeth and I went to go play, well we were playing we both found two baby bunnies. They were so cute. My older brother told us that one was a boy and one was a girl. So right after he told us that we rushed to our ma and pa, and begged them to let us keep them. They both said yes, and I know why they said yes to me. It was because they new that I was sad and so they let me keep one of the bunnies so I would be happy again. I keeped the girl and Elizabeth keeped the boy bunny. I name my little baby bunny Fluffy, and Elizabeth named hers Elijah. Mine was white and hers was tan. We played with our bunnies for an hour, than we both had to get back on the wagon and contine our jouney. May 28 1846 Today we are in Nebraska. After all I relized the trip wasn't that bad after all, and today I am so happy. I am happy because I saw my very first horse. It was so cool. I found out it was the boys horse in the wagon next to us. The horses name was Lightning, it was a stallin. HE said I can come and visit Lightning anytime I want and that made my very happy. May 31 1846 Today, I am really scard because my pa is hert. He got shot when he was hunting. He got shot in his leg there was blood everywhere I was so scard I didn't know what to do. There was a doctor on the first group with us so we went to his wagon and he fixed my pa. My pa said he was fine and for me not to be scard. So, I listened to my pa and every thing durned out all right. July 15 1846 We finally reached Salt Lake City I am so happy, this place is really nice and my friend Elizabeth lives right next door. Also we are having a celebration for reaching home saftly. I quess this trip didn't turn out that bad after all. Oh and wa all lived in peace for ever!



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