Jessie's Reasoning: Scott's Guilt

by sgstvs6qe
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  • sgstvs6qe 5 years ago

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    Hi Sorenna here,

    I wanted to tell you why I chose to do this project and why I chose it to be about Jessie’s Perspective.

    I chose to do this project because I loved the book Lemonade War. I thought it was really interesting how a Evan and Jessie got in a fight about Jessie skipping two grades. Plus it is interesting that they tied it in with lemonade. I really do think that fighting between a brother and a sister is very common. My siblings and I do it lot. But we have never had a fight about one of us skipping a grade.

    In my project I was trying to sound like Jessie. Very serious. And a serious thing in my opinion is a lawyer. Since Jessie is very smart I could see her as a Lawyer. I used the words Exhibit because they are the pieces of evidence.

    I hope you liked my project!!!