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November, 1847I am packing up for a long trip to John shutter's mill. My name is Fredric J. Marshal. January, 24th 1848I gathered gold at Jeff shutter's mill. That morning I rote "It was a clear cold morning I will never forget". I also rote "My eye was caught with a glimpse of something shinning in the bottom of the water. I reached my hand down and picked it up, it made my heart thump, for I was certain it was gold. Then I saw another pice, putting one of the pices on a hard river stone, I took another and commenced smashing them together and nothing happened. So at that verry moment I was the first person to find gold". May, 1848The spark that ignited the "Gold Rush" occured when one of my good friend ,Jack Adams, a storekeeper in shutter's creek filled a empty waterbottle up with gold, nuggets, and gold dust. thats when gold fever broke out.July, 1848Gold Panning is verry popular in the gold rush. people take frying pan and put what they think is gold and magnetic black sand in it and water. Then they would shuffel it around dumping the black sand out when they are done they will have a lot of gold left.Augest, 1848I got here by walking a long way, with oxen pulling my wagon it was a long trip. I brought with me clothing, a pan, sack with suplies, or food. I saw farmland, long roads, and huge mountains. The condition was hot, and verry sunny. I played the drums, and the harmonica for entertainment.



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