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New Zealand

Half of all New Zealanders are paying members of sporting clubs. Rugby is the national sport. The people spend considerable time outdoors with favorte sports activities and gardening.Soccer is popular in winter, while cricket is the favorite for summer. Field hockey and softball are. There are many opportunities for mountaineering, tramping (hiking), fishing, hunting, swimming, walking, jogging, and sailing.

The average family home is a detached single-storey home on a large lot with a yard in front and back. Yards often contain vegetable and flower gardens. A typical home is either wooden or brick. Higher-density apartment style homes are more popular in the cities. Almost all homes have access to plumbing and electricity. In urban areas, homes have access to a water supply, although many rural homes obtain their water from an external storage tank that is filled with water from the roof.

The climate is temperate, with few extreams. There is plenty of sunshine, and good rainfall. In Winter (June–August) high humidity makes it seem colder.Low temperature in Winter is around 40 degrees F. Highs in the summer (December–February), average about 73°F. Hot winds bring higher summer temperatures to the east coast.

All major cities have good bus systems so people in the cities often use the bus. Cars are the preferred mode of transportation for most people. Many New Zealanders use bicycles for short distance transportation. The trains are good between cities and ferries carry passengers and cars between two main islands.

Education is free and compulsory between ages five and sixteen. Secondary education begins at age 13. Most secondary schools require their students to wear uniforms. Some high schools are segregated by sex. The government administers seven universities. Continuing, technical, and vocational education is available to those who do not pursue a university degree. New Zealand women have higher qualification rates than men and have a larger enrollment in higher education.

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