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Some biomass materials, such as Eucalyptus, are grown on energy plantations. Energy plantations use such trees as Eucalytptus. After these trees are cut down they reginerate, or grow back rapidly, from the stump of the tree.


Biomass is plant matter grown to produce electricity and heat. It is derived from living or recently living organisms.

In most facilities, 5% to 15% of coal can be replaced with biomass without changing the delivery or firing infrastructure.

Biomass is solar energy stored in organic matter. As trees and plants grow, the process of photosynthesis uses energy from the sun to convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates (sugars, starches and cellulose). Carbohydrates are the organic compounds that make up biomass.

How Biomass works:

If the amount of new biomass growth balances the biomass used for energy, bioenergy is carbon dioxide "neutral." That is, the use of biomass for energy does not increase carbon dioxide emissions and does not contribute to the risk of global climate change.



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