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The Super Funny Bunnies From Outer Space!

LOCATION: Peach-a-cool-a-coast,our colony is on a planet that provides peaches,air,food,and water and it is 222,223,456,789 miles away from the sun,700 days,92 years!

This is what people on our planet look like!

Transportation: Peach Peel Space Ships that hold 20,000 people!

Renewable Resources:The peaches contain a toxic liquid that listens to what you want to eat and magically forms in the air and the food is not toxic and one plant can be used over and over!!!!!!

Food, Water, and Resources:There are stores and water fountains and houses for us and we have renewable peaches.

Community Intrest: Will have peach seed picking up contests and lots more!

Housing: have very big space and have 6 sets of stairs and can fit 3 families( each families get 2 storys)

Atmosspere:its peach peals have stems that can hold the skin up and you can go under it to keep safe.



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