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Glogster Fun!

Adding a Hyperlink

1. The easiest way is to use the search for your movie from within Glogster.2. Select VIDEO in the Glogster menu3. Select the SCHOOL TUBE VIDEOS link4. Enter your topic in the search box, click to select video and click USE IT

1. Find your link, highlight and copy it to your clipboard

2. Glogster allows you to attach a link to a graphic, a photo or a text box and it is done the same way for all three objects

4. Click on the chain icon and paste in your link

3. Insert the object (text, graphic, photo) to which you wish to attach your link. Click on it to select it.

5. Click OK

6. Save and preview your Glog to ensure that your link is working properly a pink circle will appear when you hover over the object (as on this text box)

a Movie or Glog

Embedding a Schooltube Movie


1. Select VIDEO in the Glogster menu

poster yourself

poster yourself

poster yourself

poster yourself

poster yourself



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