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April 3 1860We started the Pony Express mail way today! There are many other, besides myself, orphan teenagers with me. My horse is very jumpy and excited to go. I'm kind of nervouse because our head quarters are a block away from Jesse James,an infamouse out law's, house.May 20 1860Today I got to go through the Apalachain Mountains and found some rocks to make a fire and thaught that I should camp here. Guess it's more corn bread and beefjerkyfor dinner tonight.June 13 1860I made it to the Prairies today and was attacked by a Paiute Indian! Good thing theygave us pistoles for self defence or I wouldn't have made it! My horse is okay, alittleshaken but okay. I think that I've made my 250 miles today!July 12 1860Now I'm in the Arizona Desert, and it's really hot! I'm starting to think that it's not worth 100 to 125 dollars! I wonder where the other 399 people are. I'm happy I brou-ght some water.December 6 1860I'm feeling like of got a bad cold. I almost to the other side of the U.S.October 24 1861Today the Pony Express closed down because it led the founders to Bankruptsy. Ihad a big adventure on the Pony Express.



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