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Journal, I can't believe that less than a week after being transported here, I've already defeated a beast that was guarding the evil queen!The beast was constantly moving, so I couldn’t get a clear shot. I looked up and saw Eve looking directly at me as if I wasn’t even invisible. Suddenly she started to throw rocks at the beast – he looked up at her which gave me the perfect shot. I aimed up my arrow and took the shot, hitting the beast directly in his nervous system, paralysing him in his tracks. I looked at the beast in amazement that I had just destroyed him myself. I never knew I would be able to do such a thing – but at the same time I was so relieved.I started to make my way back to the others. As I walked through the forest, I could suddenly see myself becoming visible again. As I got to the others, I could see that they had all just returned as well. Each of them had used the strength they had been given to defeat a different creature. Without these strengths, none of us would have been victorious. Is it just me, journal, or is someone looking out for us, helping us as we fight to save this land?

The Battle!

By Channy