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Fact Box1. All foods contain water2. 70% of the Earth's surface is water3. 97% of the Earth's water is in the oceans and seas4. The sun evaporates a trillion tonnes of water each day5. Every living thineg needs water to live6. We use an average of 640L of water a day7. An iguana can stay underwater fo 28 minutes8. We are using our fresh water faster than we are recharging our ground water

A seagull can drink salt water as it has special glands to filter out salt

An elephant can smell water up to 5 kilometres away

A person can survive without food for more than 30 days but less than a week without water

The Water CycleA water cycle is when continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth.Step 1-Precipitation Most precipitation occurs as rain, snow, hail, fog drip, Step 2-RunoffA runoff is when water seep into the ground, evaporate into the air, become stored in lakes or reservoirs.Step 3- Subsurface RunoffSubsurface Runoff is the flow of water underground. Subsurface water may return to the surface or seep into the oceans. Step 4A-EvaporationThe evaporation is when water moves closer to the atmosphere it turns from water liquid to water vapour. Step 4B-TranspirationWhen clouds release water vapor from plants and soil into the air. Water vapor is a gas that cannot be seen. Step 5- CondensationCondensation is when the water vapor creates clouds and fog.

Water can be in forms of liquid, solid and gas

How to Recycle Water Water recycling is taking used or dirty water and turning it back into something useful. Recycled water has many uses that are safe and sanitary, such as:water for wetlands- water for crops- water for industrial useAdditionally, recycled water can be safely used as drinking water. In order to use waste water for drinking or anything else that needs to be safe and clean, the water must go through extensive cleaning. Treatment methods include using chemicals and methods that kill any bacteria or unsavory thing in the water and purify the water back to a state of safe use.Water recycling has the main benefit of preserving water supplies. Water recycling is a widespread beneficial thing for the environment. Plants, animals and everything else in the environment need water and wasting water is something that just can not happen. Water recycling is all about preservation.Water recycling is something that has always been done in nature by the earth. The earth reuses water often in the forms of precipitation that falls to the earth, gathers here as bodies of water that evaporate back into the atmosphere and refall as precipitation, starting the cycle all over again.Recycling water is also something regularly done commercially. It is quickly becoming something on a more popular level as water supplies are becoming limited and fear of shortages are more widespread.



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