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Sadako Thousand Paper CRANES

Problem:Sadako was in the hospital and had the atom bomb disease. She was not her self she was not eating a lot of food. She was lazy she hardley got out the bed she would make paper crans in the bed.

Important Events: Sadako was going to Peace Day . She did not eat that morning when she got there she saw this old man that had a burnt face she tride to hide but she couldn't. She was scard it came from the atom bomb. She went to the hospital because she was dizy and it turned out she had the atom bomb disease.

Solution: Sadako was goning to try to make a thousand cranes but she only got to 644. There are a lot of good luck sighs in Japan.

Setting: Every thing happed in Japan the reson that the United States droped a atomit bomb on Japan because for pay back from the japnease they didn't no that it will do alot of damige and damige the holl Japan alot of peple died. There was a disease in the air and who ever got it died 10 years later.

Awsome Events: Sadako was running and she was havind a good time and then she got dizy. Sadako beleaved in good luck charms like crickits , paper birds,spiders and suney days that have no clouds. Sadako was happy when she was running with her friend to go to Peace Day.



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