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You are lying on the beach at night. You can feel the soft warm sand underneath you and the air smells of sea salt. You can almost taste it in the air. It's peaceful here. Quiet except for the crashing sounds of the waves and the slight rustle of tall grass on the dunes as it blows gently in the warming summer breeze. You notice that it is dark but somehow light at the same time. As you look up into the sky you understand why. A billion bright beautiful lights shine down upon you, glowing miraculously out of the dark midnight sky, Stars. Some are brighter than the others but they are all amazing. As you’re staring up at the stationary lights you see one streak across the sky so fast that you’re not sure that you actually saw it. The scene in front of you is mind-blowing and gorgeous. It’s hard to believe something is so real.

The memory i would choose to share with someone for the first time would be looking at the night sky at the beach. I think this would be a good memory because the stars are so bright at the beach. They are everywhere and you can see more than you can anywhere else. At least i think so.



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