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John/Langston Hughes- His parents got divorced when he was a kid. He was named his highschools class poet. After his childhood he traveled the world to Africa, Mexico, And Europe. He also became part of the Harlem Rennisonse.Kaylee/Robert Frost-Molly/Pablo Picasso- He is one of the most popular artist today. He was in a group called the Persisionists.John I/Gangst3rs- First organized crime groups. Now there are many gangs still today.Steven/Rocket and lie detector- The first rocket only flew 184 feet. Lie detectors were used by the Police.Mansur/ Al Capone- Made illegal copys of beer. He made 100 Million Dollors a year. He was a gangster and a lerader of a gang. Spend 11 years in Alcatraz.Francesca/Dance-Liz/Traffic Lights And Lie detectors- They helped the inventions of today.Hannah/Henry Ford- Helped develope the car industry. If it wasnt for Henry our cars wouldnt be as Modernized. Also helped the rubber and gas industries.Caroline/Fashion- They made fashions for actresses. This impacted on the kind of cloths that we would wear today.Allie/Bessie Smith- She was a very popular Jazz-Blues singer. She Sang songs about poverty.Olivia/Herbert Hoover- He was the President. He won 58% of the votes. People think that he was the cause of the great depression. He was not voted in for another term after that. He was an example to our government today showing how not to handle things in a depression.Davey/Scott Joplin- He made two songs that people loved. The Entertainer is very popular today.Chance/Babe Ruth- He was a trouble maker as a kid. He got signed from the nyy for 100,000$.Lily/Ella Fitzgerald-Cole/Prohibition-Jack/Ku Klux Kaln- DIscriminated against blacks and Jews. Blacks were the most targeted. They are considered a Terrorist group.Sig/FBI- Crime was very big so they came up with the FBI in 1921. They go through tough training. The FBI helped with Al Capone and with the KKK.Cara/Duke Ellington- He was a popular piano player. He brought a new level of style do Jazz.



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