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SummaryGreg is still getting bullyed by his older brother and getting annoyed by his younger brother. He just go in a fight with Rownely in the begging in the book so then they are fighting throw some of the book. When ever Greg walks to school he will see Rownely and the only thing that they do to each other is that they both look at each other and give them both an evil look than they both look away and they keep walking forward to school. And Greg’s uncle keeps getting married and unmarried and he does it about 3-4 times in the book. In the book Greg has been going to his grandma’s house like every weekend because she keeps asking all of the family members to come to the house and now in the book Greg’s grandma wants to talk to him and have the talk. The talk is something that Greg’s dad and Greg’s Roderick’s had but Roderick had to have the talk twice.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Ugly Truth

ReviewGreg has been getting better in school and he has gotten back with his old friend Rownely. And in the book Greg’s uncle finally found a girl that he hasn’t got married to and then unmarried in a month so that might be the one for him. And Greg has been and given the talk from his Grandma.

CharctersGreg, main charcterRodrick, brother and mean.Rowenly, best friend wierdManny, brother annoyingMom, comandingDad, toy worker

The Talk

The Fight

The Dentist

Setting: Somewhere in the United StatesTime: PresentPlace: suburbs

Author. Jeff Kinny



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