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Social Studies

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Charles Holley (Buddy Holly) was a singer and a songwriter who was considered one of the greatest Rock n' Roll artists of all time. It was unfortunate that he died a year and a half after his success began because he could have had many more hits. Someday is the song I chose by him and I really liked it because whenever I hear it, it makes me smile which is a good quality for a song to have.

Jerry Lee Lewis was born to a poor family. They wanted him to persue music so they took out a mortgage on their house so they could buy him a piano. He developed his own style of music that is evident in the song Great Balls of Fire. I chose this song because it is still popular today, and I have heard it many times even though it is so old.

The Everly Brothers were used to being in the limelight because both their parents were country singers and the brothers would appear on their radio show. They started out young and one of their first hits was Bye Bye Love. I like this song because it is very catchy and reminds me of a Beatles song.

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