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This is Greg drawing a face on Jeff Kinney

my favorite book that came out couple months ago was diary of the wimpy kid cabin fever i liked it because he was stuck inside because he was scared that the police would arest him because him and rowley put signs on the wall of the school to make money for something and it started raining and the signs fell off and it looked like graffite on the wall and the janitor saw it called the police and the police got there rowley and greg ran then gregwas scared to go outside for the whole blizzard was over i hope jeff kinney makes another book like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jeff kinney was born in1971 and lives in southern massachusetts his books are awesome the three books i liked was rodrick rules and diary of the wimpy kid i liked them because there funny and he makes his pictures really cool ive read every book of him and i cant wait to he comes out with more!!!!!!!!

jeff kinney was born in 1971 in Marylandhe lives now in southern massachusetts he created and a comic strip called igdoof



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