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Resistance at Red River

Who says Riel and Metis say was established government in the Red River settlement in Nov 1869?I believe Riel/Metis have done poorly in the Red River settlement because Riel killed one of settlers, Thomas Scott who tried to take over Metis land. The Ontario setters went uproar that they wanted to kill Riel but the questions still unanswered. Why Thomas was executed within 24 hours?So he ran to United States and Metis will not see him till next 15 years.Also, the Manitoba act brought out in July 15 1870 which gives more respresention to Ottawa and John A. paid attention to Bills of Right from Metis

John A. MacdonaldIn my opinion, John was a Canadian government and he wanted to have peace with Metis. Since Metis drew up the Bills of Rights, John did not send troops right away.Metis were very aganist the Canadian Governemnt and the Hudson's Bay Company. They both have not consulted Metis and Metis will fend themselves what's rightfully to them.

I would say that it is uprising because Metis people were fending themselves from Canadian people taking over their land. Metis had no proof/government to protect their rights and they cannot live in Red River land.First Hudson's Bay Company sold their land to Canda without Consulting Metis.Second Canadian Government took the land and decided to plan to build railroad through Red River settlement.Third Riel killed one of the settlers from Ontario, Thomas Scott.Finally Riel ran to United States for his life because Ontario Settlers were uproaring and decided to kill Riel for Thomas's life.



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