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I think the author(Alvin Schwartz) wrote this book because, some kids like scary storys. He made it that youger people can read it to. I think the book was outstanding, and quit scary form my part.

Scary Stories Book By: Alvin Schwartz Glog By: Sarah Rivera

Another thing that i though was very good about how he made his storys they were really good, allthough i would say the baby sister was the best. It was very good, the scary parts were very good . The Like Mysterious , part, and you wanted to know was going to happen next. I dont think, that the things in these's stories will ever repeat ever happen. But its fun to get scared anyway!

I think that the middle of the book was the best. Then next would be the in the last part of the stories, then lastly the first part i would have to say was the worst!



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