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April,1846Today my dad was really happy, he said we were going to California,and it wouldn't cost anything! He said it would take up to six monthes to get there. I help my dad get everything loaded into the wagon,we had flour and kettles,and much more! I got a little mad at my dad because he said we had to take turns walking and riding. He said that it would be tiring and we would need all the sleep we could get,I forgot to tell you that my name was JackThursday,April,1846We started our trip today and It was my turn to walk, my sister said she would like to walk to. I was not very happy,it was like ninty degrees outside! My dad was driving the oxen until he yelled out" Watch out for the rattlesnake son" I looked all over for it until I saw it. It looked a mean as a dog with rabies! It started to rattle it's tail and then I knew it was angry. I carfully walked away from it and continued the long jounry.Tonight we had some eggs and bacon, I got one of the littlest pieces.I'm starting to miss my old slingshot that I got for Christmas,we had to leave alot of my sister and I's toys.Friday,1846IApril,1846 et my would say that I'm weak because I droped a bag of flour today! I'm actually pretty strong ,back on the farm I would shoot rabbits with my slingshot , I would sell them or have a meal.I started to see people laying on the ground with their wagons by them ,then I asked my mom, and she that they were probly dead! I took a huge swallow,I couldn't believe my eyes! We came upon a town today and it looked abandoned. September,1846We camped out again on the trail tonight and my dad said tha he was going to tell us a story,I was really excited. I always loved to hear stories,when I was little I made my dad read me a story. then he started, he said that their was this guy who moved to California and became rich there. Then he said that's what we were going to do,if we made it. When I woke up this morning my dad already had a fire going! I ask what we were having and he said he killed a coyote last night. He said it was looking at the oxen, at first I didn't believe him ,but then I saw it! It was the biggest coyote I have seen! I helped cook it over the fire, then we started to get going again. We had to cross the Truckee River today,I can tell you that rivers are the worst to cross, because sometimes you have to get out and push! After that we had a clear way to the mountains,we decided to wait till we were the last. When we were just about to camp it started to snow,so we camped out. When we woke up there was 10 feet of snow! My dad said that we had to stay put or we wouldn't make it. November,1846Today I'm starving,I haven't had a meal for 4 days! My sister has been sick since we haven't eatin,mom says we will not go into canablsim. December,1846Day 7 with out food, my sister died yesterday and I'm thinking about eating the body. Now my mom has gotten sick and I think I'm next,my dad has been depresed since we can't go to California until the snow goes away. January,1847I don't think i'm going to make it much longer,my hands are frostbitten! Every part of my body is freezing,and the worst is the starvation.



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