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I was born in Rocky Mount, NC, on June 8, 1979. From an early age I had a love for reading. I attended Southwest Edgecombe where I was lucky enough to have wonderful English teachers. By my sophomore year I knew I wanted to become a teacher. I began my college career at UNC Greensboro, but transferred to ECU in 1999. I received both my B.S. and my M.A. in English Education from ECU. Teaching has been a great career choice for me; it has kept me engaged and challenged for eight years now. Every day provides new insights into myself, my students, and my content and pedagogy. My goal in education is to motivate my students to see learning not as finding the correct answer, but as a journey of questioning. I believe the path to life-long learning begins with asking good questions and keeping an open mind when searching for answers. I want my students to feel confident and competent enough to tackle whatever questions interest them when they leave my class.

I am interested in AIG certification so that I may better serve the identified students in my honors courses who seem to grasp abstract concepts more quickly than their peers. I hope to learn how to challenge them without simply adding more work for them to complete. I do not believe that more work equals a greater learning challenge.


I taught for six years at Roanoke High, a small high school in Martin County. For the past two years I have been at Northern Nash High School in Rocky Mount.

I have four brothres; the youngest, a junior in high school, lives close by and I am lucky to be able to see him often. I adore and look up to my grandmother.

Hobbies:ReadingResearchingPlaying GamesCookingWatching Films

I have taught the following courses:English 9English 10English 10 HonorsEnglish 11English 12YearbookCreative Writing

I am an animal lover. I have one dog, Bella, and two cats, Pudge and Finn.

I became Nationally Board Certified in 2006.

I love to try new things, to learn, and to travel.

I think of myself as an English 10 teacher because I have taught this course at least 2 times each year since I started teaching.



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