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david livingstone

David livingstone was born in 1813 at blantyre near glasgow. At the age of ten he worked in a cotton. At the age of 23 he went to school in glasgow and after 4 years he passed his final medical exam .

david worked at ten

He listened to preaching of a succesful missionary called Robert moffat who inspired him to go to africa. In 1840, He was licensed as a physician and set off on the sailing ship George for cape town south africa

by the time david was born 100,000 slaves were being exported europeans had discovered the lower streams of africas four great rivers the nile the niger the congo and the zambesi most of the interior of afirca was marked unexplored people thought it was a vast desert

david livingstone was the first to explore central africa he said africa is like a chest the top and bottom drawers have been pulled open but the centre drawer is locked tight

first ever to explore centreal africa

in 1871 he was suffering from pneumonia . henry morton stanly a young reporter for the new york herlad happened to be meeting him in ujiji david told him all about his travels he told him how he felt when he discovered the great victoria falls in 1851 (the smoke that thunders) david couldnt do much to stop slave tradeding but helped abandoned slaves. he gave his journals to henry adnd letters to take back to the british goverment .

henry stayed with david for four mounths and four days. david then became very ill when he couldnt walk any longer his men carried him on a stretcher on 27th april 1873 he wrote his final entry in his diary. he knew that he was only 3 days away from luapula river on 1st of may 1873 susi found him kneeling by his bed he was dead he must of died thinking he was a failure because he had not found the source of the nile

He was buried in westminster abby but his hart was buried in africa



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