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School students should NOT have to go swimming!

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Every year it happens! The Juniors and Middles have to go to Lara Pool every day for two weeks to learn to swim.I believe students should be doing reading and writing back at school instead of wasting their precious time learning to swim. School is a place of learning and swimming is just for fun. If girls and boys want to learn to swim then they should do lessons in their own time.The Government has paid alot of money for students to do Mathletics at school. Classes do not have time to have their Mathletics session during swimming, so schools are wasting valuableGovernment money. This money could be spent on rebuilding after the floods.Some girls and boys never go to the Lara ool. Why should they learn to swim?I firmly believe that Mr Creece should put a stop to all this nonsense. There should be more time for reading, writing and maths and less time for enjoying the pleasures of learning to swim at school.


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