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Hey Batter Batter! SWING!

Aluminum bats are hollow except near the handle. They are light and swing faster than a baseball bat of the same dimensions. It is also more "elastic" and therefore gives more and the ball rebounds more.

A bite back is a sting in the batter's hand that is caused from the transfer of energy from ball to bat to hand when not hit in the sweet spot. The vibrations can be painful. These vibrations also deliver less energy to the ball and the ball does not get to travel as far as it should.

The sweet spot is a place on the wide end of the bat that if the ball hits just right, the hit will be long and solid. It is usually 4-7 inches from the end of the bat and gives the most powerful hit with the least amount of "sting" to the batter. That sting not only is discomforting to the battter, but also causes more vibrations. These vibrations are a transfer of energy to the batter, which produces a shorter length of the ball being hit. If the sweet spot is hit, then the vibrations are transferred to the ball, sending the ball further.

The Majors use wooden bats because they are less dangerous and keeps it more competetive since it's harder to hit a homerun. By requiring the bats all to be made of the same material, all of the players have to rely on skill and talent.



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