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The Acts of the Revolutionary War!

The Quatering ActThe Quatering Act was when the Colonist were forced to pay for all the needs of the British Soldiers. The colonists had to provide shelter, food, water, clothes and many more supplies for the soldiers. The colonists thoght this was so unfair!

The Stamp ActThe Stamp act caused tax on games and packages. It was not the stamps we use on postage. It was a stamp that proved that the item was legal. You needed a stamp on a deck of cards, dice, and even almanacs!

The Sugar ActThe Suagar act was an act that charged tax on anything that contained sugar. It also included molasse. The Colonists had to pay six cents per gallon if they wanted molasses. also things like, wine, coffee and many other things. The British were taxing sugar because they spent too much in the French and Indian War.

The Townshends ActThis act was when the British started to tax things like paint, lead, oil, glass and paper. This was a huge problem for the peple who make these items. It is also a misfourtion for the newspaper company. the paper was their way to contact the people who lived in the city!



Sugar Act Stamp Act Quartering Act Townshend Act

All About the Acts!!!



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