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I chose this picture because it has Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Bella, Edward, and Emmett Cullen. All of these people are vampires and are main charecters in the book Breaking Dawn.

Breaking Dawn By: Stephene Meyer

I chose these pictures of Jacob Black because is one of Bellas best friends and plays a big role in the book Breaking Dawn! The first pic. is of him when he was still a human. The next Pic is of him as he grew up and found out about the family secret! SHHHHHH!!!

I picked this picture of Renesmee because this is Bella and Edwards child. Renesmee is one of the main charecters in this book. She is part human but part vampire because she is Bellas child when she was still human.

The picture of a bracelet with a wolf and heart. This is a bracelet that Jacob gave to Bella that had a wolf howling on it so she would always have a part of him with her. Edward then added on the heart that stands for his empty heart.

This picture is of the Volturi from the book Breaking Dawn. They are minor/major charecters in this book. They are trying to kill Renesmee because they think she is a vampire child. I will not tell you why vampire children are not allowed. You are going to have to read the book Breaking Dawn for yourself!

I chose this picture because all the vampires that drink animal blood eyes are yellow.

I chose this pic. because the color of this persons eyes are the color of the vampire eyes that drink human blood.

The Volturi's eyes are this color.

The Cullens eyes are yellow

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