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Teens & Risk Behavior

The Drug's PerspectiveI am the evil temptation of man;I am the serpent of the garden.I offer you peace and happiness,But give you none.I offer you a ray of hope,Then burn you with the sun.I offer you everything, if you will give all:The pleasure is mine in watching you fall.Soon, you will grow dependent on me;You will want me more and more.You fight to gain possession of me,But what are you fighting for?Fool!You waste away and will not save yourself:You will not turn to something else.Slowly, my poison seeps through your body;Still, you cannot get enough of me.You wither and wilt like a dying flower,Then you fade away to . . . nothing.Fall 1994

Chapter 1.3 VocabularyAbstinenceCumulative Risk,Risk Behavior

Eating Disorders

Social Networking

Early Sexual Behavior


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