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Additional education or training that you need to have after high school is, to complete college, medical school, and a term in anesthesiology.

The employment outlook for the futureIt provides a good out look for the future the demand for high level medical care is rising every year. There is more than 40 million surgery’s performed every year.

Special skills that would help you in this career are.......-Critical thinking, this would help you in this career because they have to or make life or death decisions sometime in their career. -Complex problem solving could help you in this career because you have to be able to use your knowledge to find out what is wrong with the patient, in order to help them. -Operation Monitoring It is very helpful in this field because you use a lot of machines in the hospital. For example a breathing machine. -Reading Comprehension you need to understand written paragraphs and documents in work related information. -Monitoring To take the leadership role in tough situations.- be friendly, this is very important because you are around people every second of the day.

Holland code- Investigative, social, realistic GEO# 02.03.01.DOT# 070.101-010

The high school subjects that you need to complete are physics, biology, mathematics, English, and inorganic and organic chemistry.

Health services

Anesthesiologists are responsible for making sure that the patient is stable during the surgery. For example there heart rate, body temp, blood pressure, and breathing are under control. They also make sure that if the patient is a wake, that they don’t feel anything. Or in another words are they are numb.

Three other related occupations Pharmacists compound and dispense medications or prescriptions that were issued by a doctor, dentist, or any other medical person Dentist- they treat teeth by cleaning whiting oral surgery or any other problems with there mouth. Podiatrists- they treat any problems with your feet that you have

Working conditions, working enviroment Anesthesiologist spend most of there time in a surgical unit, in a hospital, or in the emergency room department. They spend long periods of time on there feet and work with a wide range of doctors and other medical physicians. They also have to make life or death decisions every day.

Three types of bussiness that they could work at areA hospital, surgical centers, or vet offices.

Beginners: 100,000Experienced: 320,000



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