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The principles of design include balance, proportion, rythm, emphasis, and unity.

The formal elements of art include line, color, shape, form, texture, and space.

What are the elements of art?

LINES can be... expressive,

implied, contour, analytical.

What are the principles of design?

Line is the most basic element of art.


Henri Matisse

M. C. Escher

Leonardo daVinci


Paul Cezanne

Art Websites

Line is the most basic element of art. There are many types of Line.1.Contour – lines that surround and define the edges of a subject. Contour drawing uses a slow, steady, continuous line that describes the model’s form. It represents the edges or outlines of the shapes within the form as well. Ex: An outline shape of a face with the outlines of the features within the face.2.Expressive Line- An attitude, emotion, or quality that is conveyed through line drawing. Ex: Fluid lines of varying thicknesses suggest the qualities of water.3.Analytic/Classical Line- dividing the drawing into elemental parts or basic principles to convey subjects realistically. It uses a reasoning based on the perception of what is real. Ex: Lines which are formulated with correct proportion to convey the image of a real human figure.4.Implied Line- the suggestion of a line is created by the artist using elements within the composition. Ex: A finger pointing encourages the viewer’s eye to follow that direction. 5.Cross-hatching- The use of closely drawn parallel lines which are intersected at an angle with other parallel lines. These lines give a drawing a tonal value scale and demonstrate the effects of light and shade on objects in the composition.

Pablo Picasso



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