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21 days musical influences are IMFAO and Black Eyed Peas. IMFAO because they use auto-tune to the max. Black Eyed Peas because they use tech tools. 21 Days Listens to both of them.

The lead, Ryan Hecker grew up in a small town in New York. The Key bardist, Danny Coldstein grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. The Drummer, Tucker Afrolic Grew up in Miami, Florida.The manger, Noah Split lives in Chicago Illinois. 21 Days came together in 2010 when Noah Split called his friend Jake Rosensplat, and asked him if he knew any cool people that used auto-tune. Jake siad ''yeah Ryan Hecker, Danny Coldstein, and Tucker Afrolic. They would be perfect for a band. I will send them over.'' Thus 21 was started.

21 days wants to work with IMFAO and The Black Eyed Peas. They want to win a grammy and go on TV.

21 day plays electric music. They use different insruments and no lyrics. Their songs are not long but the middle is the best part because it has the most instruments. The worst part is the end because then the song is over and it is slow at the end. The recording can change the music because they don't sound hat good without auto-tune. They will become famous because they are young, new, and have that X-Factor that people love, and people will wan't to download their songs.

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