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*Step 1: Divide the following four articles amongst your group members. Each student will be reading a different article:*Step 2: After reading the articles about projects done by kids, briefly discuss with your group what your articles were about. Pick out ideas you liked from the other projects and have one group member jot them down on paper. *Step 3: With your group, begin to brainstorm a project you all could lead. The project could include our community, school, family, specific group of people, etc. Think of the following as you brainstorm:*Step 4: With your group, log-in to Glogster EDU using one of your ID’s. Using the questions I just mentioned, create a glog to display your project idea. Visit my glog example of how your project should be advertised.*Step 5: Visit your classmate’s glogs and examine their project ideas. Consider all project ideas and decide which project you think would work best for our class to carry out.

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Andi's Smile

Thanksgiving Pie Project

Project Spotlight

Children for Children

Task 2: Developing your own leadership project!

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*Project topic and title*Who will it affect and who will be involved?*What is the point of the project?*When will it take place and for how long?*Where will it take place?*How will you carry out the project?*Why is this project important?

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