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Gabriela Anderson

Activities in school: Some of the activities that she does in school is: Green Team, Character Council, Craft Club, and also The Key Club.

Favorite Class, Geography:To learn about the world and its history plus to find out more about Italy.

Hobbies:She has a few hobbies that she enjoys, some are:Collecting rocks andFerrari Stuffand also Collects hats.

I am interviewing a friend that I have known for many years. Throughout the years that I have known my friend there are many things that I did not know about her, and here are some of the things that I had learned.

After School Jobs: Security at Lake Side.

The person that she admires most is Billy West she says that he is a great uncle and security officer as well.

Perfect Day: Hanging out with friends, and Matt Burch.

Three words a friend would say: cool, friendly, respectful.

Special skills: Typing 85 words per minute, and also hiking.

Best Advice: Don't stop keep moving.

Three words to describe herself is: tom boy,helpful, and respectful.

In five years she hopes to be a millionare, along with five Ferraris.

She has three dogs names are, GiGi, Little Mario, and Cargo

Worst Advice: Keep stopping don't go.

In ten years she hopes to be in Italy.

She has no brothers or sisters.

Worst Day Possible: Getting suspened from school.

Least Favorite Subject:Math, She says that it is to hard for her, numbers and all.

She also enjoys, learning new things.



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