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The questions which can be found in the learning environmentWhat kind of historical events are these strange events attached to?From what does the hydrostatics pressure originate?What is the water pressure in the sea 10,20,3000 m deep under the sea level?What is the temperature in the sea 10,20,3000 m deep under the sea level?Why do bubbles arise on the seabed? What is there in these bubbles?Do similar events happens nowadays as well?How large will be one the volume of 1 cm3 bubble, if 3000 m come up onto the surface from deep one? How does the density of the water change if there are many bubbles like this on a litre of place? What kind of countries does the imaginary Bermuda triangle connect?


The mistery of the Bermuda triangleStrange things happen on this place.…. Why???Which explanation is related to what we have learned now?Walk arround all of the city's places and find all objects. Answer the questions ont he list in such a way that you place the answers beside the questions in the form of a text.Complete the virtual world with objects (with models, pictures, videos, with texts) some, that you can give examples for each topic in details and explain how you got the solution! The according to you correct explanation you write it onto a picture and conceal it somewhere.Three dimension models can be downloaded from the following side: zip forms.You use it for taking a photo of a screen detail Pointofix program! Video mpg it is possible to stick into a format.Good work!


Other development opportunities:the development of text understandingcooperation with other group membersthe development of creativitythe critical examination of informationsthe development of the categorisation of informations

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Development opportunities in more subjectsPhysics-the computation of a hydrostatics pressure-the application of the gas laws-the recognition of physical processes in the phenomena of the naturethe -knowledge of physics story concernsInformatics-the user level acquisition of the usage of software-search on the internet-communication on the InternetGeography-orientation on the mapHistory-the placement of events in timeMathematics-the order of calculations in practical tasks estimate

... and the students will be activ

The mistery of the Bermuda triangle



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