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Integrated Vocabulary

Cardiovascular* A descriptive term to describe the affects of the heart and blood vessels.*car-di-o-vas-cu-lar*1879, from cardio- + vascular. *Route word is Cardio.*Some of my friends and family were diagonosed with cardiovascular disease.

Stereotype*an opinion persuaded due to one opportunity, usually exaggerated.*ster-e-o-type*1798, "method of printing from a plate," from Fr. stéréotype *stereotyper, nonstereotypic, nontereotypical*exaggerated description of a group.*<ME 1790–1800; stereo- + -type*Due to the fact that my friend was black, she thought he would steal her things so she ran away.

Heritage*something that belongs to you by birth and you become inherited to it.*her-it-age*1175–1225; ME < MF, equiv. to heriter to inherit + -age -age*inheritance, inherit*something that you inherit*synonyms: ancestry, culture* It symbolizes the Greek contribution to the heritage of the world.



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