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About the book

This is the first book that Carrie Ryan wrote! She actually has her law degree from Duke University, but now pursues her real passion, writing. Carrie was born January 15, 1978 in Greenville, SC. The Dead Tossed Waves is her second, companion book. In March, her third book, which continues the saga will be published.

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About the author

Mary lives in an isolated, fenced community . Beyond the fence lies the unconsecrated -- flesh-eating zombies! When the fence is breached and the village is overrun with zombies, Mary and several others escape. They follow the paths deep into the "forest of hands and teeth". This is where students could write about theme, etc... or any other requirements for project.

Zombies are a popular genre!

There are many kinds of "sticky notes" that you can put on the poster. This note, for example, could cover information that you require about the characters, Mary, the protagonist, could be more completely described.



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