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Song:Why Don't You & I: Carlos Santana (Guitar) Chad Kroeger (Vocals)

Santana has gone on tour around the world, and he still tours to various locations.

Carlos Santana was born on July 20, 1947, in Autlan de Navvarro, Mexico.He is still living to this day.

I consider Santana's musicto be a mix of rock, salsa, and jazz fusion.

Santana has won many music awards. Not only has he won music awards, he has also won recording and public awareness awards.

OFFICIAL SELF-COMPOSED ALBUMS:-(1974): Santana's Greatest Hits -(1988): Viva Santana!-(1992): Definite Collection -(1995): Dance of the Rainbow Serpent -(1996): The Very Best of Santana -(1997): The Ultimate Collection -(1998): The Best of Santana -(1998): Best Instrumentals -(1999): Best Instrumentals Vol. 2-(2000): The Best of Santana Vol. 2 -(2002): The Essential Santana -(2003): Ceremony: Remixes & Rarities -(2003): Love Songs -(2007): Hit Collections -(2007): Ultimate Santana-(2007): The Very Best of Santana (Live in 1968) -(2008): Multi-Dimensional Warrior

ALBUMS WITH THE BAND, Santana:-(1969): Santana -(1970):Abraxas-(1971): Santana III -(1972): Caravanserai-(1973): Welcome -(1974): Lotus (Live)-(1974): Borboletta -(1976): Amigos-(1977): Festival -(1977): Moonflower (Live)-(1978): Inner Secrets -(1979): Marathon-(1981): Zebop! -(1982): Shango-(1985): Beyond Appearances-(1987): Freedom -(1990): Spirits Dancing in the Flesh-(1992): Milagro -(1993): Sacred Fire: Live in South America-(1997): Santana Live at the Fillmore-(1999): Supernatural -(2002): Shaman-(2005): All That I Am

Since 1966 the band members, besides Carlos Santana, have changed many times for a lot of different reasons.

Carlos Santana scarcelysings his songs even thoughhe is the leader of the band.

Many of his most recentsongs are with guest singers,other than someone fromthe band, Santana.

The band is known for introducing latin rock all over the world.

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Major Album: SupernaturalThe album won nine grammyawards and 'Smooth', a songfrom the album was the number one record on Billboard's 100 for 12 weeks.

Carlos Augsto Santana Alves



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