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The Cell Cycle

Interphase-the cell grows to its mature size, makes a copy of its DNA, and prepares to divide into two cells

Mitosis: Prophase- chromatin condenses to form chromosomes- pairs of centrioles move to opposite sides of the nucleus- spindle fibers form a bridge between the ends of the cell

Mitosis: Metaphase- chromosomes line up across the center of the cell and attach to a spindle fiber at its centromere

Mitosis: Anaphase- the centromeres split- the chromatids separate, and each new chromatid becomes a chromosome- the new chromosomes move to opposite ends of the cell

Mitosis: Telophase- the chromosomes stretch out and lose their rod-like appearance- a new nuclear envelope forms around each region of chromosomes

Cytokinesis- the cell membrane pinches in around the middle of the cell- the cell splits in two- each daughter cell ends up with an identical set of chromosomes and about half the organelles



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