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Social Season in London

During the london Season high society attended a variety of entertainments of and it was a time for ladies to meet potential mates. On an ordinary day in the season familieswould get up early to go ride horseback. After riding the ladies would make breakfast. They ate dinner at seven followed by a soiree or opera. Gentlemen always escorted his lady, never leaving her side. Balls and dances started at ten PM and could last as late as three AM.

The London season started after Easter and lasted through Jume. There is also the little season that lasted September through Mid-November. Commonly after the little season, society people would retire to their country estates or visit otheres. After the London Season the upper clsases would go to places like Brighton and Bath. They also would go back to their estates so they could go to shooting parties and fox hunting. The hunting season lasted from the middle of August until the beginning of December.

The season coincides with parliament. There were many social engagements including lavish balls and dinners and evenings at opera or theater. The most exclusive events were held at the town mansions of leading members of the aristocracy. This series of events served as a courtship ritual for children of marriageable age.

During the Regency, game birds were shot in different ways, though Driven Game shooting was popular on larger estates


Ladies trained throughout their girlhood to become experts in mounting, riding gracefully while still in command of the horse, shaking hands with friends from the saddle, and dismounting. They also learned to control their horse so as to avoid accidents in crowds.



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