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The Physics of Softball


When pitching in softball there are many concepts that are involed. One is the energy. The energy that is involed is Ek, Eg, & Ech. The Ek comes from the energy from the body that is released into the movement or Ek, then Eg acts on the ball when it is released from the hand.

Acceleration is used when your arm goes around in the "arm circle" it speeds up, and you also see acceleration when the ball is released from the hand and then again when it hits the glove.

Newton's first law is present through it all. The ball is at rest at the beginning and trough my whole routine and then when it is released it starts moving and stays that way until it hits the catchers mit then is stays at rest until the catcher throws it back.

Newtons third law is also present. It is mainly present when the ball is released from the pitchers hand to then where it goes to the catchers glvoe.So the ball has a reaction on the glove and the glove has a reaction on the ball. The glove absorbs the shock that the ball releases.

The forces that are used are: Fa, Fg, & Fair. The applied force is from the pitcher. Gravity is present on everything in the system, keeping us on the ground and the bringing the ball back down. Fair is present when the ball is released from the pitchers hand when going to the catchers glove.



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