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SummaryA young owl is snatched by a St. Aggies patrol of St. Aggies “orphanage for owls.” There he meets an owl named Glylfie an elf owl who also wants to escape. The terrible owls of the “orphanage” try to moon blink the entire group of little baby owlets which in term controlling them just for more power. But Glylfie and Soren learn how to fly and escape from the orphanage. They go to Sorens home to find his family but they weren’t there but they found Mrs. P and she told them that Kludd had pushed him and his sister out of the tree. The and there they meet a huge gray owl named Twilight. At some time in the evening they set flight for Glyifle’s home they get there and don’t find her family but find a burrowing owl named Digger that lost his family to the horrid Jutt and Jatt. They find Jutt and Jatt and A friend of theirs from the orphanage and then surprise attacks them.

the Gaurdians of Ga'Hoole Book one The Capture

Characters: Soren is an old barn owl, Glyifle is an small elf owl, Twilight is a huge gray owl, Digger is a burowwing owl, Jutt, Jatt, Skench, Spoorn, Grimble, Engline is Sorens baby sister, Kluud, Horsetence, Mrs. P is Soren's familes nest maid , Snowy was Sorens guide from the orpanage

Setting: Forest, Canyons, Desert Time: PastPlace: The Land Of HooleSetting: Forest, Canyons, Desert

Review If I could rate this book with stars it would be a solid five. I like the book because of the action and adventure they have. My favorite part is when Soren attacks Jutt from his blind spot and almost slashes of his ear. It was always suspenseful when they fought each other.



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