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With ipad using safari send url/app to the desktop (& you can also rename it).

-You can use air print to print from iPad/pod-Air play to play videos on Apple TV- iTunes U: narrated slide decks, podcasts-Beyond campus on iTunes

You can use iBooks, students can write notes int he books and then send them to the teacher's email address.

-Library of congress-edutechnotainment-airplay/apple tv

ipad guitar garageband jam session on youtube by george lambros

Music teacher can teach notes, high and low using GB.

Frazier Spears Ireland's better to give it to 20% of kids 100% of the time than 100% of students 20% of the time.

use iChat to talk w/ 4 people.Drag and drop docs onto people who are on Bonjour.

Remote controle desktop from bonjour

twitter acct:appleacademy

Don Henderson, creative expression. Anna Skope- biotech, artist. ACOT: Apple Classrooms of Tmw.Mythbusters- is a perfect example of scientific method. nmc report acot 2 white paper, teacher toolkit,

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