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Bandwagon states that because a large number of people use the product, you should jump on the bandwagon, too. Example: Crest is the number one selling toothpaste in theUnited States.

Plain Folks uses common, ordinary people to sell a product. It says that you share this problem with others. Problem: Just because a politician dresses like the people he/she is around (in a farmer's cap or firefighter's hat), the person hasn't really changed.

Transfer persuades you to buy a product for the wrong reason. Example: You buyCracker Jacks to get the free toy inside. Problem: The customer is buying the gimmickand not the real product.

Glittering Generalities uses glowing, positive words such as “new,” “exciting,” “wonderful.” Problem: The “glittering” words really don’t tell us anything about the product.

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