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Under Armour(UA)

Under Armour(UA) the 52 week high is $31.24 on Sept 22, 2009and the 52 week low is 11.94 on March 6, 2009. Under Armour was founded in 1996 by the University of Maryland. It is part of the New York Stock Exchange. The headquarters is in Baltimore Maryland. The founder is Kevin Plank. He is also the Ceo. The future of the company looks good because they keep making better stuff and a lot of people use it. People will keeping buying Under armour because you need sporting clothing and shoes to play and if you dont have that you will not be able to play the sport to the best of your ability The listing date for under armour was on Dec 18, 2006. Under Armour is used for a lot of different things such as the militry uses it to help keep them cool from the hot climate. Sport players also use Under armour for there shoes and also there clothing because it is a good quality and it last for a long time and it also helps with there body temperature.




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