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Garden Journal (:

Observations: 2-22-11 (1:35) 75 DegreesPartly Cloudy, SunnyPlant : Green & Brown & Yellow, Bugs, Dead Flowers, Berries. 15 Inches.3-11-11 (1:05) 85 DegreesSunnyPlant: Green & Brown, Dead Flowers. 18 Inches.3-23-11 (1:40) 85 DegreesPartly CloudyPlant:Green, Long, Big, Brown. 20 Inches.4-1-11 (1:45) 90 DegreesSunnyPlant;Green, Tall, Healthy Looking, New Flowers. 20 InchesPlant:

Diagram Of Courtyeard (:

A perfect garden woul dbe like this one. It has beautiful, healthy, colorful plants that probably attract bees and birds and butterflys. To have a good garden you should go to WWW.BHG.COM . BHG stands for Btter Homes and Gardens. It teaches you most of the things you need to know. And if you have any questions you can find the answers here. ;D

Some Adaptaions that the plants need to grow in our MCJH garden are :- Dealing with our bi-polar weather. (Being Able To Stand The Freezing Cold And Harsh Summer Heat)- Being able to live in an enviorment that changes alot. (Alot Of The Time We Have New things Coming In.)- Dealing with the civilization. (These Plants Need to be Able To Survive in A place When people Generaly Come & Observe & poke Around.)

Our garden is like a microhabitat beacuse it has :- A Producer ((Plants))- A Consumer ((Birds))- A Decomposer (( Worms An d Other insects))Plus all of the organisms contribute to the enviorment just like a regular habitat.

The changes I Would Change Are :- Better & Organic Soil .- Colorful Plants To Attract Bees .- Better Fertalizer .



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