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Social Studies

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Facism - govermental doctrine that relied on dictatorship. Through this the state was controled by force and censorship. - Anticommunist - Very nationalistic - Militaristic

Nazism - also known as National Socialist German Workers Party. A political party that was anticommunist and anti-semitic, it rose to power in the 1920's.- Anticommunist- Very Nationalistic- Anti-semitic

Benito MussoliniA young man whose ideas changed after WWI. After WWI he created his own political party which was the Facists party, and its orgins symbolize authority over goverment. He directed his political party to meet the needs of every class. Later on, Mussolini created a group called the Black Shirts. This group's purpose was to protect Italy from the communists. In 1924 the Facists won the election, and in1925 Mussolini was made head of the goverment. Mussolini gained his power through fear and violence.

Adlof Hitler - He was an extreme nationalist who after WWI created the Nazi party. This party, just like the Facists, was anticommunist, and was created to protect Germany from communists. Like Mussolini, Hitler took over the goverment using his party. Although unlike Mussolini, Hitler was a very chrismatic leader he pursauded people insted of using violence and fear, but Hitler did have his share of violence and fear, stiking it into the very heart of his enemies.

Mussolini v.s. HitlerTheir Path to Dictatorship

So do you think these two dictators have anything in common? If not get ready for this, in 1936 Mussolini and Hitler joined forces and created the Rome - Berlin Axis.



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